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Buchanan Family Research

Below is my paternal Buchanan line.  Click on the individual names to see more information, and related documents.

(5) John Buchanan

 Married (15 July 1874) Sarah Jane Condy and had issue:

Alexander Buchanan

(born 18th April 1875);

Margaret Jane Buchanan

(born 3rd December 1876);

Bella Anne Buchanan

(born 3rd November 1878; died 1955);

Rebecca Buchanan

(Born 20th March 1881; died 6th April 1881);

John James Buchanan

(born 3rd June 1884; died 1973);

               Robert Hamilton Buchanan                  (my great-grandfather)

Agnew Family

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Beverage Family

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William Buchanan

(born 15 July 1887);

Sarah Buchanan

(born 15 July 1887);

Bradley Family

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Buchanan Family (Scotland)

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Condy Family

Elizabeth Maud (Lizzy) Buchanan

(born 14th December 1891);

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Corrance / Corrans Family

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Robert Hamilton Buchanan

(born 3rd September 1893; died 1929);

Gemmell Family

Rebecca Buchanan

(born 17 July 1885);

Minnie Buchanan

(born 5 July 1897).

(4) Robert Hamilton Buchanan

Born 3rd September 1893; died 1929.

Married (24th July 1919) Margaret Anne Bradley, and had issue:

Hill Family

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Roy Family

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Ure Family

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Wilson Family

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John Buchanan

(born abt 1920; died 1965);

Robert Irvine Buchanan

(born 22nd February 1922; died 8th December 2001);

William James Buchanan

(born 1923; died 22nd July 2007);

Sarah Buchanan

(born 28th July 1928).

(3) Robert Irvine Buchanan

Born 22nd February 1922; died 8th December 2001.

Married (1945) Agnes Hill Roy, and had issue:

Sarah Buchanan

(born ; died );

Isabella Buchanan

(born 9th October 1946);

Robert William Buchanan

(born 15th May 1948; died 2nd February 2013);

(2) Robert William Buchanan

Born 15th May 1948; died 2nd February 2013.

Married (1945) Jean Wilson Roy Agnew, and had issue:

Craig Robert Buchanan

(born 1972)

Fiona Jean Buchanan

(born 1975)

(1) Craig Robert Buchanan

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