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Bradley Family Research

Below is the line stretching back from my great-grandmother, Margaret Bradley.  Click on the individual names to see more information, and related documents.

(6) John Bradley

Born 1835; died ?

Married ? and had issue:

James Bradley

(born 1855);

Andrew John Bradley

(born 1858, died 16th January 1917);

(5) Andrew John Bradley

Born 1858; died 16th January 1917.

Married (5th February 1884) Mary Bleakley, and had issue:

John Bradley

(born 18th January 1885; died ?);

Eliza Maria Bradley

(born 10th March 1896; died ?);


(born 4th July 1898; died 1938);

Margaret Bradley

 (my great-grandmother)

Agnew Family

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Beverage Family

Coming Soon

Buchanan Family (Scotland)

Coming Soon

Buchanan Family (Ireland)
Condy Family

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Corrance / Corrans Family

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Gemmell Family

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Hill Family

Coming Soon

(4) Margaret Bradley

Born 4th July 1898; died 1938.

Married (1919) Robert Hamilton Buchanan, and had issue:

John ('Jack') Buchanan

(born c. 1920; died 1965);

Roy Family

Coming Soon

Ure Family

Coming Soon

Wilson Family

Coming Soon

Robert Irvine Buchanan

(born 22nd February 1922; died 8th December 2001);

William James Buchanan

(born 1923; died 22nd July 2007);

Sarah Buchanan

(born 28th July 1928).

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