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McGowan Watch

As a public service, we've set out to analyse and collate some of the more interesting pronouncements made by Rockingham's current MLA, Mr Mark McGowan, A.K.A. #TheManWhoWouldBePremier.  We think Rockingham voters will find them informative, if not always clearly reasoned, and we urge anyone who would like clarification to contact Mark, and to question his various stances.

McGowan on Wages

Labor and the Libs are now officially two sides of the same coin, as Mark McGowan signs on to Colin Barnett's hardline inflation-only wage policy for the public sector.  One more reason for Rockingham voters to elect an independent member who will tackle wage negotiations on a case-by-case basis, rather than someone who'll sell out your negotiating rights!

McGowan on Roe 8

With what amounts to a stunning disregard for openness and transparency, Mark has condemned Colin Barnett for signing the Roe 8 contracts prior to the election, but he has stopped short of saying he doesn't support the project, and won't say whether he will cancel it if his party takes office in March.  Come on Mark, even little kids know it's not safe to play in the middle of the road - so tell us, are you in favour of Roe 8 or against it??  Make your mind up, so the voters can decide!

McGowan on Point Peron

In an act of political escapology that would be worthy of Harry Houdini, Mark tries to paint himself as being opposed to canals at Point Peron, even though he is on record as being one of the key players who got the proposal off the ground in the first place.  Click here to read more.

McGowan on Tourism

Mark claims he wants to make WA one of the world's greatest tourism destinations, but Mark was Tourism Minister under Geoff Gallop, and achieved little for the state, and absolutely nothing for his own electorate.  If he won't even back a Coastal Park on his own doorstep, what makes him think his tourism plans will be any more successful next time around?

McGowan on Law & Order

Mark wants you to think he's tough on law and order.  Just the other month he called for CCTV cameras to combat crime at Point Peron.  The problem is, the state-of-the-art camera that the Council installed was bought with $225,000 worth of funding secured by independent candidate Craig Buchanan!  Click here to read more.

McGowan on the Road

McGowan watchers have been frustrated in recent weeks after multiple alleged sightings around the state, but very few closer to home.  We're had reports of sightings as far apart as Kalgoorlie and Albany, Collie and Gidgegannup. The McGowan Mobile is clocking up the miles, but the question is, where does your own electorate fit into your plans Mark??

Have you seen Mark in Rockingham recently? Report your sightings here!

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