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Print Media Silent on Game-Changing Point Peron Announcement

You might think the mainstream media was only something you had to worry about if you were based in Canberra or Washington, but we suffer from it (albeit on a much reduced scale) right here in Rockingham too.  Take the media release I put out announcing the game-changing news that two of our local One Nation candidates had been convinced to take up the fight against canals at Point Peron.  Neither of our printed papers could find the space to run the story, and the single piece of online coverage we were able to achieve cut our quotes down to the point at which they were almost meaningless.

Let's be clear - if One Nation as a party backs the Wanliss Street marina, and opposes the canals at Point Peron, they may well be in a position to make that policy stick in the Upper House.  With elected members on the left and the right working together, we could finally see this abhorrent proposal shut down once and for all.  I think that's worth shouting from the rooftops, and that's why I was more than happy to sit down with the candidates in question, to brief them on Point Peron, and to advocate in favour of a Coastal Marine Park.  It's also why I'm now posting the complete media release here online, so that local people can see that there are now a range of local candidates willing to fight their corner.  Tell your friends, and tell your neighbours, because heaven knows they won't read about it in their local newspapers anytime soon.

Above: Philip Scott, One Nation's Upper House candidate for South Metro (centre) and James O'Malley, their Rockingham Lower House candidate (left) pose with me at Point Peron to highlight their opposition to Mark McGowan's canal proposal.

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