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How-to-Vote / Preferences

As an independent, I think your vote is just that ... YOURS. I can (and, indeed, I do!) ask that you vote for me, ideally putting a '1' next to my name.  I have no right to tell you how to number your subsequent votes though, nor would I wish to.

On the Legislative Assembly ballot, you will have a choice of seven candidates.  Obviously, I'd ask you to put a '1' in the box opposite my name - Craig Buchanan, Independent.  How you number the remaining six candidates is entirely up to you, though I would urge you to consider where those candidates stand on the issues that I have highlighted throughout this campaign.  Are they opposed to the canal development at Point Peron? Will they fight for a 24/7 police station here in Rockingham?  Will they back nurse-to-patient ratios in our hospitals?  Sadly, neither of the major parties can claim to support any of those initiatives, and as a result I will be placing them last on my own ballot.  You may feel that you have reason to do the same.

Opposite is an example - indeed, it's the way I intend to vote on the day - but, again, other than the '1' against my name, all other numbering should be as you think best.

The above is only a suggestion - your own preferences are paramount.

The Legislative Council is a more complicated beast, given that there are in excess of 25 candidates to choose from.  There, I would suggest a simple compromise.  If you find yourself on the right of centre, I would suggest voting '1' above the line for Philip Scott, the South Metro Candidate for One Nation.  I have known Philip for more than twelve years, and I know him to be a considerate, committed and approachable bloke.  He has shown a genuine interest in local business, both large and small, and is committed to opposing the dredging of canals at Point Peron.  He was also the only Upper House candidate to join us last month when we were fighting to have a new cystic fibrosis drug approved for use by a young lad right here in Rockingham. That alone puts him head and shoulders above his opponents in my opinion.  If, on the other hand, you find yourself on the left of centre, my recommendation would be that you vote for Lynn MacLarren, the Green Party candidate.  Lynn has been a vocal opponent of the canals for many years now, and has shown a strong commitment to this stretch of coastline.  A vote for either of these candidates would be a strong vote against Mark McGowan's canal scheme.  In case it carries any additional weight, I personally intend to vote for Philip Scott.

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