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'Dominus', Tom Fox

When a mysterious stranger appears in the Vatican and appears to heal the ailing Pontiff of a debilitating, life-long illness, talk abounds of the Second Coming, and the End of Days. Yet across Rome, a shady cabal of businessmen and clerics are working behind the scenes to discredit the Pope, each for their own reasons, and it will call to an ex-priest-come-journalist, Alexander Trecchio, and his one-time-lover, police detective Gabriella Fierro to uncover truths and motives alike if they are to save the Church from its litany of enemies, and from itself.

'Dominus' is a fast paced, well-written, and cleverly crafted story that will keep you guessing throughout. How much responsibility do the coniving business types really have, and how much core truth is there to the miracles being reported - are they simply one part of an elaborate plot, or do they have a life, and a meaning, of their own?

Fans of Dan Brown and Simon Toyne will find themselves immediately at home in the corridors of Fox's Vatican, who allows his academic background to pepper his narrative with fascinating facts and observations, while ensuring that they never block the speedy progress of the storyline.

'Dominus' was Fox's debut novel, and an immediate hit. It will be followed later this month by the simultanious release of two e-novellas, the first, 'Genesis', acting as a prequel to the original tale, and fleshing out the story of Alexander and Gabriella's first meeting, and it's catastrophic ramifications; 'Exodus', meanwhile, will pick up where 'Dominus' left off, and will propel Trecchio into the midst of a new terror which threatens the very foundations of Rome. Both new releases promise to be high-octane thrillers of the first order, and we are looking forward to their imminent release here at Buchanan Review. We thoroughly recommend 'Dominus' ahead of their release, as a strong debut from an author who promises much, and has thus far delivered.

'Dominus' is available now in a variety of formats, and its prequel and successor e-novellas, 'Genesis' and 'Exodus' respectively, will be released electronically Headline on 10 March 2016.

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