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Amazon US - On Time, and On Budget

I promised to provide an update on what may, thanks to Malcolm Turnbull, be my last purchase from Amazon's US site.

You might recall that I ordered a copy of Larry Correia's 'The Monster Hunters' early on Sunday 3rd June local time. The email I received in response said that delivery was expected prior to Wednesday 13th June, which is today.

Amazon actually undersold itself. Delivery took place on Monday 11th June, five working days later. And the cost of such speedy service? US $6.98, or $9.22 in local Australian dollars.

This is a level of service unrivalled in Australia, where it can easily take five working days to see a light-weight letter delivered from the outskirts of Western Australia to the centre, and where Amazon Australia has a woeful level of stock, at what are often alarming prices (remember, they only had one listing for this book here in Australia, and they wanted AUD $815 for it!).

This is the forward-looking, technologically advanced country that Turnbull and his mob of lack-wit cronies are blindly leading us towards. Maybe I should have ordered a copy of 'Politican Hunters' while I was at it - it wouldn't hurt to get some practice in, after all ...


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