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My Voting Record

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Below you will find a simple, one-stop list of the votes I've cast on issues that are important to you.  I will aim to update this list as soon after each new Council meeting as is practicable.

January 2020

                    CS-001/20 - Waste to Energy

                    PD-001/20 - Information on Wandering and Nuisance Cats and the Potential Impact of

                    Confinement Legislation

                    PD-002/20 - Proposed Amendment to Planning Policy No. 3.3.17 - Variations to Building

                    Envelopes and Reinstate Designated Authority

                    PD-003/20 - Proposed Modification to Building Envelope

                    PD-004/20 - Joint Development Assessment Panel Application - Proposed Mixed Use


                    PD-005/20 - Joint Development Panel Application - Proposed Offices, Health Studio,

                    Restaurant, Showrooms and Service Station (Revised Proposal)

                    PD-006/20 - Proposed Planning Policy 3.2.12 - Southern Gateway and Rockingham Station


                    PD-007/20 - Cape Peron Planning Investigations

                    EP-001/20 - Sea Wrack Management

                    EP-002/20 - Safety Bay Shoalwater Coastal Management Study

                    GM-001/20 - Annual Meeting of Electors held 18 December 2019

                    GM-002/20 - Recommendation from the Global Friendship Committee Meeting held on 19                         December 2019

                    GM-003 - Donation to the Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund for the 2019/2020

                    Australian Bushfires

                    EP-003/20 - Motion on Notice - Verge Development Policy

December 2019

                    PD-074/19 - Demolition and Reconstruction of the Subdivision Estate Wall - No. 1 Basslet                           Place to No. 19 Basslet Place, Warnbro

                    PD-075/19 - Proposed Structure Plan - Lots 1006, 1007 and 1272 Baldivis Road and Lot 1 and

                    503 Serpentine Road, Baldivis ('South East Baldivis')

                    PD-076/19 - Review of Planning Policy No. 3.1.1 - Rural Land Strategy - Advertising

                    PD-077/19 - Proposed Updates to Planning Policy 3.4.3 - Urban Water Management

                    PD-078/19 - Revocation of Planning Policy 7.1 - East Rockingham Industrial Park:              

                    Environmental Planning Policy

                    PD-079/19 - Revised Planning Policy 3.3.8 - East Rockingham Industrial Zones (Replacing

                    East Rockingham Development Guidelines)

                    PD-080/19 - Proposed Scheme Amendment No. 178 - East Rockingham Industrial Zones

                    PD-081/19 - Proposed Amendments to Planning Policy 3.3.14 - Bicycle Parking and

                    End-of-Trip Facilities (Final Adoption)

                    PD-082/19 - Proposed Modification to Building Envelope

                    PD-083/19 - Proposed Modification to Building Envelope

                    PD-084/19 - Joint Development Assessment Panel Application - Commercial Development

                    PD-085/19 - Safety Bay Shoalwater Foreshore Master Plan - Adoption

                    EP-025/19 - Tender T19/20-05 - Provision of Services to Carry Out Civil Works at the  

                    Baldivis District Sporting Complex

                    EP-026/19 - Tender T19/20-19 - Extension of the Point Peron Boat Ramp Facility

                    EP-027/19 - Car Park Closure - Warnbro Foreshore Reserve, La Seyne Crescent, Warnbro

                    EP-028/19 - Tender T19/20-20 - Provision of Services to Renovate the 50m and 25m Pools at

                    the Aqua Jetty

                    CS-015/19 - City Business Plan 2020/2021 to 2029/2030 (December 2019)

                    CS-016/19 - Debt write off in relation to prosecution charges and court fines

                    GM-031/19 - Repeal of Bush Fire Control and Bush Fire Brigade Local Law 2001

                    CD-029/19 - Community Art Project (The Blue Tree Project)

                    CD-030/19 - Koorana Reserve Master Plan - Final Concept Design

                    CD-031/19 - Baldivis Men's Shed Needs Assessment, Site Analysis and Feasibility Study

                    CD-032/19 - Draft Economic Development Strategy 2020-2025

                    CD-033/19 - Recommendation from the Rockingham Education Training Advisory

                    Committee Meeting held on 11 November 2019


                    PD-086/19 - Motion on Notice - Single Use Plastics and Balloons Advocacy

                    PD-087/19 - Motion on Notice - Proposal to Repurpose the Council Chambers into Office

                    Space and use the Reception Room for all Council Meetings

                    GM-032/19 - Motion on Notice- Provision of Hospitality (Alcohol)

                    GM-033/19 - Motion on Notice - Audio/Video Recording of Council Meetings

November 2019

                    GM-030/19 - Recommendations from the Australia Day Awards Selection Panel Meeting

                    held on 13 November 2019

                    AC-006/19 - Adoption of the Annual Financial Report for 2018/2019

                    PD-068/19 - Draft Sustainability Strategy

                    PD-069/19 - Draft Lake Richmond Management Plan

                    PD-070/19 - Final Approval - Scheme Amendment No. 175 - Rezoning from 'Rural' to

                    'Special Rural'

                    PD-071/19 - Joint Development Assessment Panel Application - Child Care Premises

                    Lot 726 (No. 591) and Lot 107 (No. 577) Eighty Road, Baldivis

                    PD-072/19 - Proposed Road Closure - Portion of Charles Street, East Rockingham

                    (Final Support)

                    EP-023/19 - WALGA Quote Q19/20-13 - Supply of Three New Tandem Axle Side Loading

                    Refuse Trucks

                    EP-024/19 - Tender T18/19-83 - Supply of Electricity at Contestable Energy Sites

                    CS-013/19 - 2019 Local Government Self Insurance Scheme (LGIS) Surplus

                    CS-014/19 - Budget Review - September 2019

                    GM-028/19 - Annual Report and Annual Meeting of Electors 2018/2019

                    CD-028/19 - 2019/20 Fees and Charges for the Autumn Centre Hairdressing Room

                    GM-029/19 - Motion on Notice - Investigation into Referendum Costs

October 2019

                    PD-062/19 - Nairn Drive Neighbourhood Centre Duplication Project

                    PD-063/19 - Proposed Scheme Amendment No. 179 - Additional Uses 'Nursing Home'

                    and 'Medical Centre'

                    PD-064/19 - Joint Development Assessment Panel Application - Proposed Mixed Use


                    PD-065/19 - Proposed Child Care Premises

                    PD-066/19 - Final Adoption of Proposed Planning Policy 3.3.24 - Parklets

                    PD-067/19 - Amendments to Planning Policy 3.2.12 - Southern Gateway and Rockingham    

                    Station Sectors (Public Advertising)

                    GM-026/19 - 2020 Council Meetings

                    CD-027/19 - Recommendation from the Community Grants Program Committee Meeting    

                    held on 19 September 2019

                    GM-027/19 - Nominations to the Management Committee of the Australian Coastal

                    Councils Association Inc. (ACCA)

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