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We bring you the FACT and the FICTION behind some of the claims made by the current MLA for Rockingham, A.K.A. #TheManWhoWouldBePremier

10 Jan. 2017

Policy Statement: 24/7 Policing

If 24/7 policing is good enough for Armadale, Cockburn and Ellenbrook, then it's good enough for Rockingham, where we've been pleading for it for years.  Mark McGowan won't fight for it, but I will. Click here for more ...

18 Feb. 2017

Media Release: Point Peron

Why won't the mainstream media cover the latest game-changing announcement about rising opposition to Point Peron?  Click here to learn what your local papers don't want to tell you!.


27 Feb. 2017

Policy Statement: Nursing

I fully support the Australian Nursing Federation of WA's call for legislation to enforce nurse-to-patient ratios, and am committed to introducing such legislation if elected.  Click for more ...

1 March 2017

How to Vote / Preferences

As an independent, I value your right to vote as you choose, so I am running an open ticket.  I will, however, offer some advice to those who want it.  Click here for my recommendations.

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