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'The Beat Goes On', Ian Rankin

Sherlock Holmes famously had his seven percent solution. John Rebus leans more easily towards a three print problem, and fully intends to savour every last drop.

Ian Rankin established himself as one of Britain’s premier crime novelists twenty years ago, and has since produced an almost unrivalled series of best sellers. His short stories are perhaps less well known, many originally appearing in magazines and anthologies, before being presented in collected volumes. This is the latest such, and includes all of his Rebus stories to date, some of them old friends, others new acquaintances. Murders and missing persons, drug deals gone wrong, relationships gone bad - Rankin and Rebus have seen it all on their journey. Prefaced by a fascinating essay on how Rebus developed in the author’s mind, 'The Beat Goes On' is a must-have for seasoned Rankin fans, and a great opportunity for new readers to make the meet and learn from one of Edinburgh’s finest.

'The Beat Goes On: the Complete Rebus Stories' will be published by in hardcover by Orion on 9 October 2014.

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