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The Icing on the Cake ...

Those of you who read my weekend post re. the Turnbull government's GST brain fart and its knock-on effect on Amazon will know that I'm not best chuffed. Here's the icing on the cake though ...

I went ahead and placed the order for one of those three books - Larry Correia's 'The Monster Hunters' - on Sunday.afternoon. I got an email confirmation back almost immediately, saying that my order had been received. This morning, less than 48 hours later, I got a second email, saying that my order had been posted, and that it was scheduled for delivery here in Australia by the 13th of June.

Now that may not seem remarkable, unless and until you bear in mind two pertinent facts. Firstly, it's already the 5th of June, so we're talking about a postal delivery from the other side of the world in just over a week. That's pretty bloody good by anyone's standards. But when you take into account the fact that it can take, by Australia Post's own admission, a full working week for a letter to get from rural WA into the CBD, and that it regularly takes two weeks for a parcel to reach me from the eastern states, you have to acknowledge what a handle Amazon have on their business. They're bloody miracle workers by comparison to the Australian norm. Unlike the Turnbull government - or any government in Canberra, for that matter - they are actually good at what they do. They literally and metaphorically deliver.

Amazon should be running the country, and Turnbull should be selling second hand books out of the boot of his car. He still wouldn't be very good at it, but at least he'd be hurting a lot fewer people, and I'd have freedom of choice back on the table when it came to buying the books I want, from the people I want, in a timely manner that suits me. As the meerkat says, "Seemples!"

Unfortunately, some clowns in Canberra think otherwise ...


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