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'Cold, Cold Heart', Tami Hoag

Calling Tami Hoag’s latest novel shocking is an understatement. ‘Cold Cold Heart’ is quite literally brimming with violence, guilt and pent up anger, as its heroine, a promising young reporter, struggles with PTSD in the aftermath of a brutal rape and torture at the hands of a serial killer. The only one of his victims to survive, Dana Nolan must attempt to rebuild her fractured life, while confronting revelations which draw her inextricably into a labyrinth of buried truths and cruel deceptions which stretch back to her childhood, and promise to place her in mortal danger once more.

Intense and traumatic, built around a lead character who is likeable yet fundamentally broken, ‘Cold Cold Heart’ will force you to watch friends become suspects, and loved ones enemies, as Dana struggles to balance her past and present, searching frantically for the key to her survival.

With fifteen consecutive New York Times bestsellers to her credit, Tami Hoag has produced a shockingly memorable sixteenth which seems certain to thrill and chill in equal measure.

'Cold, Cold Heart' by Tami Hoag is available now in trade paperback from Hachette.

A version of this review appeared in The Big Issue (Australia), #478, 20 February - 5 March 2015.

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