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Lego Dimensions - Mini Kit Guide

Ok, so we don't (and won't, I promise) claim to be computer game reviewers, but we've been playing Lego Dimensions for a couple of months now, and while we were able to find plenty of help with the initial walkthroughs, we've noticed a marked lack of online notes for the minikits. Some of them you won't be able to get until the next couple of packs come out in late January, but that shouldn't stop keen players from completing as many as possible in the meantime, and, frustrated by the lack of assistance available, we've decided to publish our own notes as we go, level by level. We plan to release another level every couple of days, so keep coming back to check. Alternatively, we'll post update news via twitter - follow @CraigBuchananWA to stay up to date that way.

Click here to access our level index, and happy gaming!

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